• Image of Dream Yourself Free [4 Hour] Intensive Virtual Workshop w/EbonyJanice

Sunday, July 14, 2019 from 1pm EST - 5pm EST (with a brief 30 minute break)

🙏🏾 I recently began posing the question: "If you could create anything from a place of ease instead of from a place of resistance, would you still be doing the work you are currently doing?" 100% of the Brilliant Black Women that I asked this question to and had this conversation with said, "I would NOT be doing what I'm currently doing."

👀 MOST of those same women, who are brilliant in their industries and in the work they do said that they don't even really know WHAT they would be doing if they could create from ease and not from resistance.

👉🏾So I have been digging into this, reading, writing, journaling & I've come up with this workshop on "Dreams As Liberation" that I pre-Workshoped five times in a different format with over 50 women and have received EXCELLENT feedback that helped me with the creation of this more in-depth workshop that will allow us to go even deeper.

🙌🏾Join me for this intimate virtual workshop (only 12 slots available) where we will talk about:
🔮 Reparenting our inner child (so that we can unearth our childhood dream capacity)
🔮Imagination as a tool for creative entrepreneurship
🔮Discussing the AfroFuture of Black Women/Femmes
🔮 Discussing Body Ownership and Personal Self/Sexual Liberation as a tool for healing and actualization (inside our spiritual/religious struggles around guilt/shame)
🔮Joy, Ease, Play as a Form of Resistance
🔮Deconstructing our Money Blueprints (1) Why we are afraid to charge (2) Why we are afraid to charge what we are worth
🔮You Are In Charge Here: A Defining of Decolonized Authority (which is much different from decolonizing authority)
🔮Intentional (Group) Coaching on Launching/Pursuing the thing your resistance has caused you to fear launching/pursuing.


😍Here are some testimonials from previous "Dream Yourself Free" participants:

“Watching EbonyJanice facilitate Black Women-Centered Healing is a work of art. She took thirteen women from tears of hopelessness to tears of possibility in under ninety minutes. That’s not simply inspiring, it’s ministry.” - Thea Monyee

“What I want to talk about is EbonyJanice’s acuity when it comes to black women. She has the ability to read us so closely and to identify our deficiencies with such precision, it’s a wonder there was ever a time we lived without her. And when she asks us to see ourselves in the future, to dream ourselves free, she reminds us that we already are everything we need.” - Tara Mixon

“Ebony Janice’s Dream Yourself Free Workshop was 90 minutes so densely packed that I am still metabolizing the vast majority of the ideas and praxis introduced to our group. I was able to immediately walk away with the gift of identifying one of my major triggers and it’s origin story and now I feel empowered to re-write the narrative that steals joy from my art and the answering of my calling. Days later, I’m imagining my individual and collective Afro future and devising a plan to ensure that “the work that my soul must have” sets me on a course toward that blessed destination.” - Nikki Blak