• Image of Bootcamp For Black Girl Bosses
  • Image of Bootcamp For Black Girl Bosses

*You will start by scheduling your "7 Days A Little Self Help Coaching: 1 week of daily 60 minute coaching every single day for 7 days in a row (once a month for three months) -- Your sessions will be intensive coaching on everything from branding, marketing, cleaning up your social media, staying on message, writing & publishing books, producing more content, organization, feng shui, mantras for money manifestation, writing the vision, goal setting, daily strategies, morning rituals, website development, product and program launching AND MUCH MORE!

*Weekly (45 minute) check in sessions (for the remainder of the month after your intro week of 7 Days A Little Self Help Coaching each month)

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a book outline (even if you were not thinking of writing a book just yet).

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a fully designed website.

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a total rebrand of your social media.

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a marketing toolkit for launching all of your future projects. 

*This bootcamp will also teach you how to create weekly campaigns in four major quadrants (Health/Fitness, Dream Project, Finances, Relationships)

*Learn how to maximize and master the 4 Major Power Tools




-Morning Pages

*3 month access to the iLLionaire Morning Monthly Membership: Receive daily emails with insights, wisdom, quotes, videos, podcasts, strategic ways to start your day and maximize your morning and win your day!

*You will be required to send date stamped proof of daily physical activity - because changing your physiology is how you change habits, shift energy, and create lasting change. When you experience change in your body you experience change in your LIFE! 

*This is a 3 month commitment at $10,000 for the 3 month bootcamp.

*7 Days of A Little Self Help Coaching Intensive is a week long, daily one on one seminar that gives you the opportunity to create accountability actions, complete steps towards actualizing the goal you choose to focus on with EbonyJanice for the week of intensive coaching, will teach you how to set up your day in a way that allows you to be more consistent and successful. You do not FIND the time, you must learn how to MAKE the time. This package will teach you these skills without fail. If you are ready to EVERYTHING your dreams this is the program for you. 7 Days of A Little Self Help Coaching Intensive comes:

This Bootcamp comes with two payment options:
1. Use the Subscribe option HERE: http://alittleselfhelpcompany.com/blackgirlbossbootcamp which gives you the option to break your payments up into 3 monthly payments of $3350. 
2. Use the Pay Now Option HERE and pay the full amount $10,000 today.

* Email me at freepeople@thefreepeopleproject.com to schedule time to talk about your payment options if you have more questions. This is a great time for us to hop on a 15 minute Clarity Call so that you can learn more about all the ways this bootcamp is going to RADICALLY change your life forever.